Novel: Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our Marriage

Alternative Name: Cùng Túc địch Kết Hôn Cùng Ngày Cùng Nhau Trọng Si, Roedm, 和宿敌结婚当天一起重生了

Author: 林知落

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing, two people who have wanted to kill each other for many years, fell in love. After a lot of ups and downs, they finally married.But they didn’t expect to get reborn together on the day of their wedding.Back to the year when their feud was at its most intense.The friends around them also saw each other as enemies.Yet the two men in question were…in the eyes of the frightened relatives and friends of both sides; they began to scatter dog food.Friends and relatives: ???Ermm…..this is awkward.