Novel: Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce

Alternative Name: Bạo Tiếu Sủng Phi: Gia Ta Chờ Ngươi Bỏ Vợ, Shuang Shi Chong Fei, The Eternal Love (2017) (live Action Drama Title 2 Seasons), 双世宠妃, 爆笑宠妃:爷我等你休妻

Author: Sui Yu Er An, 隨宇而安, Phạm Khuyết

”When I tell you to proceed with Plan A, you can’t just ignore it and go with Plan B,” said the king.”Sure”, she replied; she’ll just go to Plan C then! No biggie.”If you were told to go eastwards, you can’t just ignore me and go in the opposite way,” the king added on.”Yes,” she said while nodding. If she can’t go in the opposite way, North and south work fine too.”You are NOT allowed to have affair with any other men!” the king then emphasized.”Sure”. She replied. She never has to be the one having affair with the others. Others have it with her.