Novel: Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation

Alternative Name: 妹子,我教你修仙

Author: 看门狗, 看门狗的助理, Watchdog

A Mature Lady: You have a house?Jiang Xiu: I can cultivate.A Ms. Perfect: You have a car?Jiang Xiu: I can cultivate.A Loli: Big Brother Jiang Xiu, do you have a seven-figure bank balance?Jiang Xiu: I can cultivate.———————————Jiang Xiu once transmigrated to the Immortal Martial Continent, living out a long life there and establishing himself with renowned fame. He finds himself waking up to strange circumstances and discovers that he’s returned back home. What happened exactly? And what’ll he do from now on? Follow Jiang Xiu as he deals with the crazy scenarios fate has in store for him.