Novel: Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular

Alternative Name: 逼婚首席:影后前妻很抢手

Author: 晴空舞

Three years ago, President Qiao did not hesitate to sign the papers when Xia Ning placed the divorce papers in front of him.Three years later, she is an up-and-coming star in show biz; watched by the public but knee-deep in scandals.He is a resolute emperor in the business world; powerful and omnipotent.Their paths were supposed to be separate and independent, but—Standing at her door, the legendary ruthless and unyielding diamond bachelor asks for a remarriage. A cute bun appears from behind and gazes at Xia Ning with his big, starry eyes. “Mummy, Daddy will cook, I will warm the bed, please take us in.”Xia Ning: “I don’t want you. I left my child then, I can leave again ony not to have to see you again.”