Novel: Another World Peace Creator Magician

Author: Rickusan

so this is how death is? With the destruction of that nuclear project,
we can now prevent a war from happening. I did it… I did it! It is now
in your hands, guys. I will meet God in heaven and pray for the success
of you all. What does heaven look like? I will live my afterlife there and brag about how I help managed to make the world a better place. When I am reborn, I want to see a festival where everyone will smile with no despair. “Carry
my commandment; bring peace upon this world and bring down the judgment
hammer to those who wish of the world’s destruction. Now live! Live to
fulfill this duty and I shall grant you eternal happiness” “Gather
all babies over the kingdoms and execute them all!!!” The King can’t
simply lose his authority due to a royal divine prophecy, foretelling
the birth of the child that will cause destruction of his kingdom. The
Elduke mistress gave birth to her firstborn child, a son whom she had
to say goodbye to. She washed her son away in the river, hoping that
someday , someone will raise him well and he can bring a holocaust upon
this Kingdom. One day a young girl found a floating basket with a baby inside, her pure heart telling her to take the baby. “Don’t cry, you will be save, I’m here.. I won’t let anything bad happen to you..” She devote herself to take care of the baby, she can’t let anything bad befell him. “Mom, I will save this kid… please watch me from heaven, mom”